Three Things Business Expects from IT in the Digital Age

Yateen Chodnekar
Group CIO of Writer Corporation

"When the French aviator, journalist, and aristocrat Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said: 'A goal without a plan is just a wish,' he didn’t know it would echo in the corridors that separate business and IT, almost half a century later."

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Women in Technology: Merging with Business

Wendy Flavien
Chief Integration Officer of Bolton Clarke

"The role of a CIO is continually evolving with technology being less and less of a focus. As a member of an organisation’s executive team, the value proposition of a CIO is to bring trusted and valued advice on all things IT to the executive table."

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Women in Technology: What Being a University CIO has Taught Me

Kerrie Campbell, Chief of Information Officer,
Flinders University in Australia

“Thirty-five years ago, I used to be the only woman on the floor with 60 guys. As a woman in IT, you had to know 10 times as much to get half as much respect. So I’ve literally worked my way up from the ground.”

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Women in Technology: Five Things You Need to Know to Be a Truly Digital CIO

Nikki Tan, Chief Digital and Information Officer,
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

“Give me a piece of software and I'll spend some time with it. And then I can use it, without challenge, without training.”

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Women in Technology: Fearless in the face of Change

Shivani Saini, CIO – Asia, Middle East, Africa
GSK Consumer Health

Ask Shivani Saini what defines the role of a CIO today and in her inimitable style, she'd say: It’s about being more.

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6 Things Marathon Running Has Taught Me About IT

Subramanyam Putrevu, CIO
MindTree Consulting Ltd.

If long distance running is one of Subramanyam Putrevu's passions, then so is running Mindtree's IT organization. Each passion feeds off the other, one teaching him important lessons about the other.

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