CIO – The helmsman for Information Sharing

Girish Bommakanti
Chief Operations at ACCESS Health International

Girish Bommakanti of Access health International shares his views on healthcare access, and how a digitalised approach leveraging an audience-centric transformation strategy can bridge gaps and drive innovation in the healthcare space.

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From coasting to booming: Digital transformation and the future of aviation

Roshan Popli
Chief Information Officer at Airports Authority of India

Roshan Popli, Chief Information Officer of the Airports Authority of India, talks about the pandemic driven challenges faced by airports in India and how AAI is driving impactful digital transformation for its staff, and for domestic flyers to offer safer and more comfortable airport experiences.

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CIO – The Change Agent and Business Enabler

Rajesh Dutta
Chief Information Officer at Usha Martin Ltd

As CIOs, challenges are always two-pronged. While leadership at the top of the organizational hierarchy needs education, explanation, and justification for change, the lower levels need encouragement for adopting change. It has always been the case, but henceforth, the CIO’s role as a business leader, educator, and change enabler will be the discriminating qualities that make for a successful business, as well as a successful CIO.

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CIOs should thrive in a world where “smart” is normal

Ariel A. Roda
Chief Information Officer and
Head of Information Technology Group at
Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCOM)

As organizations are cautiously navigating a pandemic-hit world, a CIO can help a company steer itself towards success by driving the right IT transformation strategies and initiatives, and by stepping into other realms of corporate directions beyond IT. It’s about how a CIO can smartly marry efficiency, employee productivity, cost-effectiveness, and revenue creation/improvement to give the company a strategic edge.

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Diversity is an organization’s best chance of survival

Sameera Fatima
Head of Solutions - CBO IT Infrastructure Services ANZ Region at Tata Consultancy Services

As organisations strive to overcome new challenges, the focus is more than ever on maintaining a diverse workforce at all levels and across industries. Diversity holds the key to finding innovative solutions to a diverse range of problems as businesses aim to survive the tough times ahead. While this can be achieved on many demographic levels, gender diversity assumes particular significance not just as a CSR initiative but also as a pure business strategy.

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Responding to Humanity’s Greatest Challenge

Ramesh Mallya
Head of Technology at DBS

'Across the globe, there would be a renewed focus on sustainable and scalable healthcare as well as on preventive medicine. The other key learning would be regarding swifter, coordinated actions spanning continents not just individual countries. Transparent data exchanges and trust-based approach for joint remedial actions are imperative to avoid the post-pandemic situation that we are currently witnessing.'

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From AI to Z: Real Time Business With Real Value.

Shivani Saini, CIO – Asia Pacific
GSK Consumer Health

Talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and people start to think about movie portrayals of man vs. machine. But Shivani Saini of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) explains how AI is in everyday use already, and that its application in healthcare is anchored firmly in solving real-world business problems and delivering better results.

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Why I Believe AI Will Break New Ground in Healthcare

Dr. John Kan
Chief Information Officer of A*STAR
(Agency for Science Technology and Research)

"When the French aviator, journalist, and aristocrat Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said: 'A goal without a plan is just a wish,' he didn’t know it would echo in the corridors that separate business and IT, almost half a century later."

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Breaking the CIO Mold

Rajeev Seoni
Chief Information Officer of EY India

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Trust in the Digital Era

Kee Yong Tiong
Group Chief Information Officer of BW Group

"If you find out what a business is most afraid of, it’s mostly related to trust."

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Three Things Business Expects from IT in the Digital Age

Yateen Chodnekar
Group CIO of Writer Corporation

"When the French aviator, journalist, and aristocrat Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said: 'A goal without a plan is just a wish,' he didn’t know it would echo in the corridors that separate business and IT, almost half a century later."

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Women in Technology: Merging with Business

Wendy Flavien
Chief Integration Officer of Bolton Clarke

"The role of a CIO is continually evolving with technology being less and less of a focus. As a member of an organisation’s executive team, the value proposition of a CIO is to bring trusted and valued advice on all things IT to the executive table."

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Women in Technology: What Being a University CIO has Taught Me

Kerrie Campbell, Chief of Information Officer,
Flinders University in Australia

“Thirty-five years ago, I used to be the only woman on the floor with 60 guys. As a woman in IT, you had to know 10 times as much to get half as much respect. So I’ve literally worked my way up from the ground.”

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Women in Technology: Five Things You Need to Know to Be a Truly Digital CIO

Nikki Tan, Chief Digital and Information Officer,
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

“Give me a piece of software and I'll spend some time with it. And then I can use it, without challenge, without training.”

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Women in Technology: Fearless in the face of Change

Shivani Saini, CIO – Asia, Middle East, Africa
GSK Consumer Health

Ask Shivani Saini what defines the role of a CIO today and in her inimitable style, she'd say: It’s about being more.

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6 Things Marathon Running Has Taught Me About IT

Subramanyam Putrevu, CIO
MindTree Consulting Ltd.

If long distance running is one of Subramanyam Putrevu's passions, then so is running Mindtree's IT organization. Each passion feeds off the other, one teaching him important lessons about the other.

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