CIO’s today have a huge responsibility drive technology leadership. They play a big role in driving business operations in addition to enabling their business to capitalise on market opportunities while simultaneously maximising value through cost savings.

It took about 75 years for the telephone to connect 50 million people, 3.5 years for Facebook and 35 days for an app like Angry Birds. The incredible rate of change is increasing at a rapid pace, and only a few organisations understand this well and have a plan and vision. “Our industry does not respect tradition – it only respects innovation,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella highlighted in an email to employees on his first day as CEO. This massive rate of change across all industries creates an insatiable need for IT innovation. Today, every business is a technology business and organisations across all verticals are reinventing themselves through digital tools. For companies to take advantage of this, it is essential for IT to move from the backroom to the boardroom and place technology at the heart of business success.

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