As a major data center brand without any baggage, Lenovo is able to partner up with leading SDS vendors to bring SDS to the next level.

The file systems available to us today are still in a state of constant evolution. This means that the storage it sits in would need to evolve as well, in order to live up to the performance levels that customers expect.

A great number of start-ups have entered the space to try and jumpstart the evolution of storage–resulting in the fragmented and overwhelmingly saturated Software-Defined Storage (SDS) market that you see today.

Many OEMs are facing a similar problem with SDS, but on the opposite side of the spectrum. The challenge they face, comes in the form of legacy investments in older storage technology which OEMs feel they need to protect. This prevents them from innovating–even by themselves, or with their partners–on cutting-edge SDS solutions.

For Lenovo, it’s a golden opportunity to corner the market. By acquiring IBM’s x86 Server and Networking portfolio, the newly formed Lenovo Data Center Group (DCG) is able to start from a clean slate in this competitive space. This gives us the advantage of being able to partner with innovative SDS vendors to bring our solutions to the enterprise market.

Possibilities of Big Data:

  • The partner approach is central to our overall strategy, and comes in two distinct flavours
  • The reference architecture model and the appliance model. The reference architecture model is all about validating the configuration required to run partner software.

The appliance model however is completely different. Lenovo and our partners have invested heavily into R&D efforts — from ideation, to manufacturing and support — to bring our products to market.

Not only does the hardware and software layers come pre-integrated with the appliance, but we also provide a single point of support for both layers. If there is a problem, we will resolve it together with our partners, by working towards root cause analysis (RCA) to fix current problems and prevent future ones.

Appliances with partners

In October 2016, we announced appliances with Cloudian to address the growing Object Storage market, called the DX8200C. While Cloudian had partnerships with both Google and Amazon, Lenovo is the only vendor to offer onsite object storage capability.

With Cloudian, Lenovo is now able to offer data capacity starting at 100TB, and scale it up to Exabytes if necessary. We also obtained the 100% S3 API compatible ability to burst data into the cloud.

In that same month, Lenovo announced partnerships Nexenta on File & Block storage with DX8200N appliances that run the NexentaStor software. The DX8200N delivers unified file (NFS and SMB) and block (FC and iSCSI) storage services that can be scaled from tens of terabytes to petabyte configurations.

It also includes all data management functionality by default. To complement Lenovo’s HPC offerings, Lenovo will also be introducing an HPC storage appliance called Distributed Storage Solution (DSS).

In March 2017, Lenovo converted its channel engagement model with DataCore to an appliance model, with the introduction of DX8200D. The number one and number two SPC-1 benchmark on storage today is held by DataCore running on Lenovo servers.

Both companies have seen many successes in the field, and it is the next logical step in our relationship. Due to its storage virtualization capability, the DX8200D protects your existing investments on traditional SAN, and can be the perfect bridge for moving from traditional SAN to Software-Defined Storage.

At the forefront of innovation

Despite our numerous achievements, Lenovo will not stop innovating. We have also recently introduced the D3284, a 5U JBOD that supports 84×3.5″ disks, enabling even higher density solutions for high capacity solutions like Cloudian, Nexenta and DSS.

We are also constantly working to bring together an open, yet integrated appliance that adapts to any enterprise policies. This is only possible with strong OpenStack support from Lenovo XClarity, and all the partners from our robust partner eco-system.

Kashish Karnick
Product Manager Storage and Software Defined, Lenovo Asia Pacific

New technologies creep up everyday, creating opportunities for new innovative solutions that can truly add value. But the complexity of technology is a road block to this value, and Kashish loves being able to simplify this – everyday.