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Enterprises today generate large amounts of data. This data can be used to gather valuable hidden insights and discover new business opportunities. However, the key to reaping the business benefits of this data is effective data management.

A famous company once coined the phrase—”the whole world is… data!” If you think about it, it makes sense. YouTube, Uber, Deliveroo, SAP, Facebook, and other new technology businesses. It’s all just data. Today’s increasingly connected world reflects that very phrase. Data growth is now exponential, due to the rise of Internet of Things, social media, big data, and other technologies that generate huge amounts of data. Having a substantial amount of data also means a substantial amount of untapped knowledge for companies.

Companies generate data. In many cases, they have more data than they need. But that data can only get converted into meaningful intelligence if organisations can manage it efficiently and run analysis on it for business insights. The possibilities of what one can do with the data are endless.

Possibilities of Big Data:

  • LinkedIn could use twitter feeds posted from select customers segments to suggest market demand/trends for specific products. Or even realise the need for a new product, the source content for innovation.
  • Toyota used Virtual reality to get customers to test drive and experience their new car, without it ever being physically created.
  • Biometric data of an entire population of a country like India was collected, to analyse citizen behaviour and create programs specifically for farmers.
  • The ability of a computer system to recognize visually the gender of the person in front of the camera, regardless of nationality, as they walk into a retail store, and then offer the relevant products to them.

In order to learn how they can analyze their data, corporations need to manage their data effectively.

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Kashish Karnick
Product Manager Storage and Software Defined, Lenovo Asia Pacific

New technologies creep up everyday, creating opportunities for new innovative solutions that can truly add value. But the complexity of technology is a road block to this value, and Kashish loves being able to simplify this – everyday.